The Story Of My Art

In The Story Of My Art do you hear the explanation behind my artworks. Every sculpture has a different story. I want to share that story with my artworks. Watch the videos here.

Self Reflection

New Life is six meters high and representing a bamboo shoot. Bamboo in China stands for strength and growth. If you look in the front its high policed and high policed means past. If you look in the high policed you can look behind you and you can see yourself where you coming from. On the back you see a drawing what stands for prosperous future.

New Life

Self Reflection is a concave made out of steel. Steel stands for earth and pureness. On top of it you see high policed stainless steel little mirrors which i just randomly sort on the beackground. And the idee about this is: In a world where everything is about likes, politics and religion. We forget what really matters in life…

Silver Lotus

Silver Lotus is a serie out of three different ones. The middle of it is high policed with hammered silver.What makes this serie very interesting is that we incorporate send. So when you come in to the concave you smell something, but you don’t now what you smell. So it become part of the sculpture and the idea about this: When you somewhere around the world and you smell this smell you think again about the Silver Lotus.

Stepping Stones

I was looking for like a landmark kind of sculpture. The two high policed disk represents the relationship between two people. The disk on top of it stands for the sadness, the joy and travel. All these things that these people have done and shared. What nice is about the high policed is that you can see yourself in it so it has a selfreflection. Another point is that Stepping Stones an identity is in space

Circle of Life