By Ronald A. Westerhuis

YEAR: 2018
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS: from ø 800 mm to ø 2000 mm
LOCATION: ‘Energizer’ solo show at the Project 2.0 Gallery

“I’ve been looking for a crossover between two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional shape. The reason for this was that my sculptures need space and that they, consequently, are usually placed outdoors, but also because I’m more interested in three-dimensional work. In fact I only think in three dimensions.

I found the solution when I made a dish and hung it on a wall. The force which emanated from this work as well as its three-dimensional character gave me the inspiration for a new series, which I called Energizer. The title refers to the energy and force which the work emanates into the space where it is placed. By placing a high-gloss polished half sphere or bowl in the middle, I created a magnificent optical centre, turning the world upside down.The texture of the round disc gives the work its character and is unique.“

Photo at Project 2.0 Gallery

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