This artwork is created on the occasion of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the architectural firm ‘Cruiming Architectuur en Ontwikkeling’. Therefore Mr. Cruiming donated a 4000mm high artwork to the town Zuidhorn in the Netherlands. In appreciation of the municipality that inspired many entrepreneurs by investing in the development of the center of the town.

It is a nice story; Mr. Cruiming wants to offer an art piece to the town Zuidhorn and its inhabitants. The municipality makes this generous offer in record time possible. Ronald together with his crew: Leontine van Luik, Raoul Abdoelrazak, Bjorn Rienmeyer and Hessel Klijnstra created the work in a record time of just 6 weeks! The result is a gateway to the future, a start and a finish, a work which invites to touch and which reflects the viewer in its surrounding. Mr. Cruiming, Mr. Oomkes, former alderman who was actively involved in this project, and Ronald speak of a special process to come to this day. The positive connection between these people was a significant factor for the completion of this beautiful project.