The wings

COLLABORATION: Studio Daniel Libeskind & Siemens & Central Industry Group

Situated in the heart of the Expo in the Piazza Italia, four 10 meter-high (33 ft.) shimmering tree-like sculptures will anchor the four corners of the central square. Conceived as gates each structure’s dynamic form spiral out of the ground and spread into two branches spanning 10 meters over the square. Crafted out of aluminum and fitted with innovative LED technology, the Wings will animate the public space with a constant flow of pulsating patterns and imagery related to the theme of the Expo: health, energy, sustainability and technology.

The sculptures themselves are fabricated by Central Industry Group CIG, a structural engineering company that Studio Libeskind and Ronald A. Westerhuis both work with. The finishing of the sculptures is done by Ronald A. Westerhuis, who had the honor to add his personal grind pattern; his signature.