By Ronald A. Westerhuis

YEAR: 2002
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel + Resin
DIMENSIONS: 3000 x 900 mm
LOCATION: Wolfkamp collection


“Abstraction is a difficult subject as people see different things in an abstract work of art. Not only the visual aspect but also the experience or feeling conveyed is an essential part of my works. Every sculpture I make has its own story to tell.

‘Water Memento’ is especially dear to me because it was commissioned by the family of my dearest friend Willem van der Beld. Willem lost his fight against cancer and died much too young. This sculpture is my tribute to him. The idea behind the sculpture is the following. The bent tube represents Willem’s life path and the high-gloss polished ball his world. The spike on top of the ball stands for his wife. The three other spikes represent his children. The water that flows out of the ball represents my friend Willem, who slipped away like water through our hands, but will always be with us in our memories.”

Photographer: Marijke Folkertsma